The Healing Timeline Method

       The Healing Timeline: God's Shalom for the Past, Present and Future uses real memories from a client's lifetime to prove that a trauma or difficult experience is over.  The timeline, which is guided by the counselor and repeated several times throughout the session, is hypothesized to change the client's neural networks which hold a memory.  Current brain research supports the concept that brain neurons can be reconfigured through intentional methods.  Guiding a client to recall real memories in a sequence appears to alter the way memory is stored.  Christian pastors and lay counselors can be trained to use the method with children and adults.
       Peggy Pace, MA, initially developed the method of using a timeline of memories  for counseling. Her protocol is called Lifespan Integration and is taught to professionals only with advanced degrees.  After learning Peggy's method, I secured her written permission to combine timeline counseling with inner healing prayer, thus creating The Healing Timeline. Lifespan Integration is fully protected by copyright.


       "The Healing Timeline is awesome.  It gets people connected to the truth about themselves and God unlike anything I've ever seen before.  Then the truth gets integrated into their lives in a rapid manner.  I'll never go back to the traditional form of inner healing prayer without the Healing Timeline." Lay Prayer Counselor (30 years experience in healing prayer.)

       "Into my fifties, I have struggled with the effects of having been in a genocide war as a child in Africa.  The integration from the timeline process changed my life.  I am healed in so many ways I give thanks everyday." Male Client

       "This is wonderful.  I can see how I developed a way of thinking over several years which became a stronghold in my life.  This method eliminates strongholds. Negative strategies get established inside us and operate on their own. The Healing Timeline has removed those strategies."  Missionary to Rwanda

       "The Healing Timeline is amazing.  Since we've been using the Healing Timeline, request for our ministry of healing has tripled."  Pastor, Spiritual Director